Fandom Meme: Bleach

Five Colors (1): Blue

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Rei’s “Bitch, please!” face is glorious. She is so done with this shit.

Screencap from here, as always!

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Artist PONG!

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Maybe a year or two ago I bought some handmade paper made with different plant fibres - corn and stuff that I don’t remember anymore (I should probably have written this down somewhere, but I was dumb). I still had a few sheets laying around that I never used, so I decided to brush pen+watercolour practice on them.

I started with Yusuke and Kuwabara, and then said “oh crap” when I realized I used the pinkest one on Kuwabara instead of Kurama. Then after I finished Kurama, I said, “oh crap crap” because I realized I didn’t have any more. Well I can’t just draw three of them and not Hiei, that would be terrible! So he’s on European handmade paper that doesn’t match anyone else D: SORRY T___T I guess you could say he doesn’t match because he’s the only 100% demon D:

Next time I’ll buy more, label them and redo this idea properly …

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Some more Kurama cards for ajerzaaddict

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